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An update on Videobox

I'm working on releasing a new version of Videobox as soon as possible. The main front-end functions, as well as core Videobox functions have already been updated and optimised. Unfortunately it's not all good news. I have to delay the release for another month or so, because Video.js 5.0 is currently still RC and I really don't want to constantly update Videobox until a stable version of Video.js is released.

Another thing is that Joomla! 4 has been announced recently, and it'll (hopefully) bring some important changes to make developers' lives easier. Depending on that, I may further postpone the release of Videobox to better integrate it with upcoming Joomla! features.

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Here we move again...

I thought last year I moved may website for the last time. Apparently no. This time I've even moved it to an entirely different CMS. Reason? There's a whole list of reasons. First and the most important is definitely speed. I know my website was fast with an average response time about 200 ms. However, that was only because I've been using all kinds of cache. With 'System - Cache' plugin disabled, response time jumped to 4 s. I know I could've disabled all unnecessary extensions and do some optimisation of the remaining ones. Yes, I could. I could also write every single non-core extension from scratch to get optimal performance (side note: why aren't the core extensions part of the core? If CMS is useless without certain extensions, they should be integrated!)

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Once upon a time there was the spring ...

... and it's been over in a couple of days. Fortunately, I got a chance to take a break just before the bad weather started all over again. As I'm writing this, it's snowing in front of my window and it's been snowing whole last week. Videobox 3.2.0 is still in the testing phase, mainly because I've rewritten the better part of it's settings and parameters management, and now I have to test all the possible settings & parameters combinations before the release. Also, most of the days I'm so tired of all the coding I have to do over the day I just can't get myself into more coding.

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Smlednik castle and sunset 3.10.2012

Now it's already more than a month since I went to Smlednik castle. Smlednik caste (also know as Flednigg or Flödnigg) was a fort, located at the hill a few kilometres from my home. Well, it's in ruins for quite a time now and it's being rebuilt for the last decade or so. I made some photos there and then I went back home. There's nice ridge from caste on one end almost to my home on the other end, so I went back along it. It's been a nice walk, as I got a flat tire on my bike. Thank god that I did because when I came out of the forest there was a beautiful sunset I'd otherwise miss.

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Planica 5. - 7.10.2012

I have only 2 hours of gym per week in school and I have to gain about 30 hours outside my regular classes. That's why I went to Planica this weekend. We've mostly just hiked around and played football, and we had a lot of spare time, so I decided to make some photos of nature around there. Mornings were pretty cloudy, so I couldn't get any good photos of sunrise, I only got some photos of mountains in the morning sun.

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